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Date: 2009-11-03 09:27
Subject: Facebook
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I dont come to LJ that much anymore but please feel free to add me on Facebook

euphoric birth services
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Date: 2009-09-05 14:33
Subject: OMG!!!!!!
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oh my gosh! after more then two years I got my period!!! Last time I had one was before I concieved Jac. Jac is 17mos. I only two periods after Reed was born, I was on Dep for a year though. I have been off Depo since October 2006. My absence of a period is due to my Graves Disease. Which my thyroid is not hyper anymore, I gained 20lbs this year in less then 6mos. Now my period is back!

I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. I feel fine physcially, not even crampy.

This was totally unexpected!

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Date: 2009-06-05 15:49
Subject: Delaware Doulas Meeting
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Hi, Ladies!

I hope this reaches you in good spirits and health. Some of you may have received an email previously about my desire to start an organization for all of the doulas that serve Delaware. I'd like to meet every other month so we could share "tricks of the trade", case reviews, swap books and just offer support for one another. I'd also like to put on an annual conference with speakers presenting topics on massage, lactation, and maternity health care system. These are just some ideas I'm thinking about. Anything is up for discussion.

Our tentative first meeting will be July 18th, saturday in Newark at Panera Bread on Main st. at 6pm.

If that date doesn't work for you please shoot me a message. If I get a lot of people letting me know that date doesn't work for them then we reschedule to the Saturday before or after the 18th.

If you could forward this email to other doulas (including aspiring) I would really appreciate that! If you don't want to be included in the emails about Delaware Doulas please let me know and I will gladly remove you.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in the near future!

Cindy L. Collins
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Date: 2009-05-30 17:00
Subject: Euphoric Birth Services
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Please go visit my site and let me know what you think.

I still have a bit more "tweaking" to do but it's pretty much ready :O)

Any feedback would be great!


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Date: 2009-05-07 20:44
Subject: (no subject)
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friends only

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you must be fabulous!

comment to be added
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Date: 2009-03-19 11:56
Subject: BIG UPDATE!!!
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Hi all,
I hope this reaches you in good spirits and health. I presume most of you know that I'm studying to become a homebirth midwife and I've been working on the accreditation process of becoming a Le Leche Leader and starting a group in Delaware. Currently there isn't an active LLL group in Delaware.

Well I started attending Delaware Tech Community College this past semester and I am enrolled in the nursing program. The only reason I'm enrolled in the nursing program is because my GI Bill isn't approved for DEM (direct-entry midwife) distance learning programs. Since September 2007 I've been trying to figure out a way to get the DEM programs approved with no luck.<lj-cut>

I am having great difficulty with the nursing program. It is so difficult for me to do well in something I have NO interest in and that I feel isn't going to help me at all with being a midwife. I secured a preceptor, a seasoned midwife who trains new midwives, over a year ago but obviously the timing isn't right with having two young boys.

Nevertheless I've been trying to figure out a way to use my GI Bill in such a way that it will give me skills that will me as a midwife. A couple weeks ago I learned of an on-line program in human lactation taught through Wichita State University(WSU). My GI Bill is approved for WSU. The program normally consists of nurses and those that are working on their masters or doctorate. All others are approved by a case-by-case basis. I've written one of the instructors and heard back from them. I told them about my clinical experience with breastfeeding and the great IBCLC's (international board certified lactation consultant) that I worked with. Great news I was approved for the program and was told I would be well suited for it!!! I am thrilled beyond words.

I have also figured out which pathway I can take to become an IBCLC. I have over 500hrs+ breastfeeding counseling. A year as an LLL Leader accounts for 500 more hours. I'm hoping to become a leader by the end of summer. I already have a meeting room reserved at a nursing home. I'm on it like white on rice! Just want to clarify I'm not becoming a LLL Leader to become an IBCLC. I want to be both!  In fall I will be taking the Human Lactation course at WSU and a sociology course at the local community college.

A couple weeks ago I was thinking I might attend a massage therapy school until I FINALLY figured out a way to use my GI Bill for midwifery education. Let me explain this as simply as possibly. In august a new brand of GI Bill  will become effective, it's called the Post 9/11 bill. It pays for ALL of your education of an approved program, a yearly $1,000 stipend for books & supplies and a monthly BAH (housing allowance). From my understanding regardless of how many credits I'm taking I still get the BAH. So I will stay enrolled at Delaware Tech and come fall apply for the new GI Bill, take one class per semester and then use my BAH to pay for midwifery school! Wahla! I'm looking into Ancient Art Midwifery Institute(AAMI), the reviews are great by current students and the whole program is around $3500. I will enroll in AAMI in Januaray. I am still planning to learn prenatal and infant massage eventually.

So while I'm taking one course per semester at the local community college I will simultaneously attend AAMI. I'm still going to take Clinical Math because I think that will be helpful as a midwife. I'm also going to take Sociology and Infant & Child Development because those courses are recommended (not required) to sit for the IBCLC exam. I already I have taken nutrition and psychology, currently I'm in anatomy & physiology courses.

Then I will use the rest of my GI Bill up by taking courses in Spanish :O)

Until I'm a midwife I've decided I'm going to be a free doula(labor support), I will attend my first birth in July as a doula! I'm very excited about this!

Lastly in May I will be going to Copenhagen, Denmark for a week to attend an international midwifery conference.

These are the classes I will be taking:
Breech Workshop: Research, skills and waterbirth with by Michel Odent, Cornelia Enning and Ina May Gaskin

First and Second Stage Difficulties with by Gail Hart and Ina May Gaskin

Prolonged Labor with Gail Hart

Placenta Medicine with Cornelia Enning

Shoulder Dystocia with Gail Hart

Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties with Gail Hart

Roundtables on:
Midwifery Education with Suzanne Colson
Pursuing the Birth Machine Internationally with Marsden Wagner
Birthing Women, Sacred Ground with Jan Tritten & Eneyda Spradin-Ramos
Postpartum Care with Eneyda Spradin-Ramos
Posterior Babies with Jan Tritten
What is BRA(Breastfeeding and Reflex Assessment) with Suzane Colson

Update on Graves.

On the 20th of January I sought a 2nd opinion from another Endo. She too recommended RAI, I refused and said I wanted to try a low-dose of PTU for a variety of reasons. One of them is I'm still nursing my almost 1yr old.

I had a follow-up yesterday. My T3 total before treatment was over 800, it should be between 97-219. It was down to 260!!!! All of my levels were down. Anti-thyroid drugs have a rare but serious side effect of lowering your WBC, which puts you at risk for a slew of health problems and affecting your liver. My WBC and liver were fine!

I will go back in June and do some more blood-work. Meanwhile I will remain on 300mg of PTU and 100mg of Atenolol daily. Come June I may slowly wean off of the PTU and see if I can achieve remission! I'm so hopeful and so glad I didn't just go with what the endos recommended.

Radioschmadio activesmchactive iodine, ha!


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Date: 2008-12-10 23:05
Subject: Why you should avoid inductions that aren't medically necessary
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Tonight I went into work (for those of you who don't know I'm a breastfeeding peer counselor) and was saddened by yet another induction gone wrong.

It was a young first-time mom that was induced because she was "over due" at 40wks. FYI you are not "over due" or "post date" until after 42wks. Her cervix wasn't ripe but they went ahead any way with the induction. They left cervadil in for a few hrs and then started pit. At 4cm AROM (rupture of membranes) occurred to speed things along for NO reason other then they were impatient. Her baby did experience fetal distress at some point. She got an epidrual .She stopped dilating at 6cm, probably because of the epidural. However she felt the urge to push but they wouldn't let her. I bet she could've pushed her cervix from 6 to 10 if she was "allowed". I have no idea how long she was at 6cm but I bet it wasn't any more then a couple hours. Her body was doing what it was meant to do, keep the baby in until it was ready. Obviously it wasn't and they were forcing it out. Then they shoved her off for an "emergency" c-section while she was screaming, she could feel them cutting her open and then they gave her more meds to knock her out completely.

This could have been prevented, it was completley iatrongenic.

My heart aches for her and her baby. I see this ALL the time. I am so glad I will no longer be doing this job come the new year, my soul cannot take it.

P.S. I gave her info for ICAN.
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Date: 2008-11-15 12:41
Subject: Le Leche League coming to Delaware
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I've only got one more meeting to go before I can submit my application for leadership! Woot! Woot!

I'm hoping by March I will have my LLL group up and running. I'm looking to have them at Milford.

Soon another woman will be starting a LLL group out of Millingtown, which is not far from Middletown and Chestertown.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know. I'll keep you posted!

~ Cindy
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Date: 2008-11-08 12:09
Subject: A Healthy Baby Isn’t All That Matters
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A Healthy Baby Isn’t All That Matters
By Christy Fiscer (Birthkeeper)
Published in Midwifery Today Issue 87 and

There are so many details of my cesarean that I have either left unwritten, or have written in fragments in various locations. A reply back to an online thread regarding the “safety” of a cesarean; or to a mom who is being told that her baby will be too big and she needs to have her baby surgically removed.Read more...Collapse )
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Date: 2008-11-06 15:11
Subject: The “Rule of 10” Versus Women’s Primal Wisdom
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The “Rule of 10” Versus Women’s Primal Wisdom
by Lydi Owen
© 2008 Midwifery Today, Inc. All rights reserved.

[Editor's note: This article first appeared in Midwifery Today Issue 86, Summer 2008.]

There is a rule of labor that forbids a woman to push with contractions until her cervix is completely dilated to 10 cm. Women are warned that to push before this doorway is completely open and out of the way will result in a swollen and/or torn cervix.

What will supposedly happen if the cervix swells? Read more...Collapse )
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